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Payge | Grad Photos at Dusk on Campus Grounds | San Diego


Grad Photos at Dusk on Campus Grounds | San Diego

A Campus as a Canvas for Grad Photo Memories

Graduation is an extraordinary milestone that deserves to be captured and treasured! San Diego State University played host to my portrait session with Payge, a graduating college senior ready for her next adventure. Payge discovered my work through working with Daisy, the talented mind behind the custom picnic company Pretty Picnic Things. Being one of Pretty Picnic Things’ preferred photographer vendors, I felt honored to capture Payge’s grad photos. With Daisy’s cheerful presence accompanying us, we embarked on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant campus of SDSU.

Unveiling Magic at SDSU

From sunset to twilight, we ventured through the campus, exploring nooks and corners. Along the way, we discovered hidden gems that vividly highlighted SDSU’s natural beauty. We explored iconic structures like Hepner Hall and the Aztec Student Union, serving as picturesque backdrops for Payge’s grad photos. The sunset added a touch of enchantment, making each grad photo a winner. As day transitioned to twilight, we embraced the softer tones and shadows that fell upon Payge and the surrounding buildings.

A Grad Photo Session Turned Cleanup Mission: Making the Most of a Mess

Some mischievous grads had left confetti scattered across the stairs of Hepner Hall, and in the spirit of spontaneity, we embraced it as a festive prop before making sure to tidy up their mess. Leaving no trace behind is important to us photographers; after all, we want to maintain our reputation as stewards of nature’s beauty. Leaving messes behind gives photographers a bad reputation and leads to more restrictions at popular locations.

SDSU’s picturesque campus, with its historic buildings and tranquil spaces, made the perfect setting for an unforgettable grad photo session. From the warm hues of the sunset to the gentle twilight glow, we embraced Payge’s journey and achievements on this campus. these graduation portraits will serve as a timeless reminder of Payge’s journey at SDSU and the start of an exciting new chapter.

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