Ashley + Kyle | Rustic Ranch Celebration with a Black and White Wedding Theme | Cherry Valley

Ashley + Kyle

Rustic Ranch Celebration with a Black and White Wedding Theme | Cherry Valley

Welcome to Ashley and Kyle’s breathtaking outdoor spring wedding! Here, timeless elegance played against the backdrop of a beautiful, expansive ranch in Cherry Valley, California. Join us as we explore their celebration, immersed in the magic of a black-and-white wedding theme.

A Father’s Love: The First Look and Custom Cufflinks

One of the day’s most emotional highlights was the First Look between Ashley and her father. With tears of joy flowing, Ashley presented her father with a new set of cufflinks and lovingly fastened them onto his wrists. It was a precious moment that beautifully captured the depths of their bond.

Furry Friends and Signature Sips

Kyle, the groom, celebrated his love for his two loyal canine companions, Bocephus and Drake, by capturing their companionship in beautiful portraits. These furry friends added an extra layer of warmth to the festivities, and in a delightful tribute, the couple named their signature cocktails after them. Each sip became a toast to the love and joy they brought into Ashley and Kyle’s lives.

Nature’s Dramatic Flair Enhances

Nature seemed to join in the celebration, adorning the sky with epic clouds that danced with the sun throughout the day. The drama of the clouds perfectly complemented the day’s black-and-white wedding theme. This natural spectacle created a mesmerizing atmosphere, adding a touch of ethereal magic to the already enchanting event.

Elegant Love with a Classic Black-And-White Wedding Theme

Ashley and Kyle’s spring wedding unfolded like a fairytale, filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable moments. Against the rustic charm of Riverside County, their black and white wedding theme allowed them to create a celebration that was timeless, sophisticated, and uniquely their own. As you plan your own wedding, let Ashley and Kyle’s day inspire you to infuse personal touches and moments that resonate with your unique love story. With each thoughtful detail, you’ll create a celebration that will be remembered for years to come.

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