Parissa + Atta | A Stylish Pasadena City Hall Photoshoot with Rolls Royce Glam


Parissa + Atta

A Stylish Pasadena City Hall Photoshoot with Rolls Royce Glam

Working with Parissa and Atta on their Pasadena City Hall photoshoot was an absolute joy! While their wedding day would be in San Diego, the grand architecture of Pasadena City Hall called out to them for their engagement portraits. We instantly connected, and the excitement for the session was palpable. To top it all off, they both arrived in stunning outfits that perfectly complemented each other – talk about style! And wait till you hear this: they even went the extra mile and rented a Rolls Royce!

Embracing Architectural Splendor at Pasadena City Hall

When Parissa and Atta shared their vision of having their engagement portraits taken at Pasadena City Hall, I wholeheartedly supported their choice. The iconic building with its awe-inspiring architecture is a photography staple! The grand columns and exquisite archways created the perfect backdrop for Parissa and Atta’s session. With each click of the camera, we captured their affection against the timeless elegance that only Pasadena City Hall can offer. With their tastefully coordinated outfits and a touch of Hollywood glamour, they were a sight to behold!

Fashionably Ever After

For their Pasadena City Hall photoshoot, this couple arrived dressed in style! Parissa’s dress was elegant and vibrant with her color choice of a bold green. Meanwhile, Atta’s tailored suit and perfectly matched necktie exuded classic charm. Parissa and Atta also went the extra mile to make their engagement session unforgettable. They rented a Rolls Royce that added an element of luxury and sophistication to the shoot. We explored every corner of the location, from the courtyard to the staircases, highlighting their love and individuality.

It was an absolute joy to work with Parissa and Atta on their Pasadena City Hall photoshoot. It was a delight for the senses! Their love, style, and adventurous spirit made each frame come alive. I can’t wait to share the images from their downtown San Diego wedding with you – it’s going to be a celebration to remember!


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