Avery + Thomas | A Surprise Park Proposal with a View | San Diego

Avery + Thomas

A Surprise Park Proposal with a View | San Diego

When it comes to proposing to the love of your life, the location can make all the difference. Thomas understood that, but he wasn’t sure where to start. So he reached out and asked for help finding the perfect location for his romantic park proposal to Avery. With the stunning view of the city and a sweet surprise setup, this was a scene they’ll remember forever.

Finding The Spot To Pop The Question

Thomas knew that he wanted to propose to Avery in a setting that would do justice to their love story. But, with so many options available, he was unsure where to begin. He reached out to me for some guidance, and I was happy to give him some ideas and suggestions. He liked the sound of Presidio Park and all its nature; he and Avery love the outdoors. We set a time to go to Presidio Park together, and I walked him through areas that would photograph well. We landed on a beautiful overlook, revealing a panoramic view of the city that would serve as the perfect backdrop for his park proposal.

Setting The Scene

With the perfect spot secured, it was time to create the perfect scene for the proposal. Thomas was eager to show Avery how much she meant to him, so he enlisted the help of a close friend and her mom to help with the setup. On the special day, they arrived ahead of time to create a pre-staged area adorned with beautiful flowers and sweet candies.

A Picture-Perfect Proposal

As they reached the overlook, Thomas surprised Avery with the stunning scene that he had arranged for her. In a heartfelt moment, kneeling amongst the stunning view, he proposed to her, and was met with a resounding “yes”! Their love was sealed in the perfect park proposal at Presidio Park, overlooking the vibrant city and marking the start of their journey together.

Once they’d had a few moments to settle into the feeling of being engaged, the three of us celebrated this new chapter in their lives by taking some engagement portraits! To our surprise, the sky displayed a stunning sunset with colorful shades of purple and red, adding even more magic to the moment! We made the most of it, taking photos through to twilight.

Their park proposal overlooking San Diego was a beautiful start to Thomas and Avery’s journey to “I do.” With these photos, they will always remember the stunning location that set the scene for this beautiful moment.

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