Victoria + Brad | Outdoor Summer Wedding at Garden Venue | San Marcos, CA


Victoria + Brad

Outdoor Summer Wedding at Garden Venue | San Marcos, CA

There’s a saying that goes, “Rain on your wedding day is good luck.” Victoria and Brad took that to heart as they celebrated their love at Twin Oaks Wedding Estate in San Marcos. Their magical day began with a playful game of hide and seek with the rainclouds. But just in the nick of time, the skies cleared up, leaving behind a rain-kissed landscape for their ceremony. Smooth sailing from there!

One heartwarming touch to their special day was the inclusion of their beloved dog, Rocco, in the ceremony. There’s something undeniably charming about dogs at weddings, and I never fail to get excited about wedding pups!

With the lush natural beauty and charming architecture at Twin Oaks Estate, the post-ceremony portraits were breathtaking. Even though the grey skies didn’t gift us with a glorious sunset, this wedding photographer had a few tricks up his sleeve. With a little bit of creativity, we created a faux sunset glow to light up their portraits.

But no wedding day is complete without some dancing! Victoria and Brad brought their own brand of magic to the dance floor!  With a playlist stacked with late ’90s jams, they treated their guests to a lively dance party filled with high-energy moves that kept the celebration going strong. Love and laughter radiated throughout the night.

But before the day concluded, this photographer had one more surprise in store. I whisked the couple away for a few mesmerizing night portraits, capturing the quiet beauty of the evening. With some color splashes and twinkling lights, these photos added the perfect finishing touch to an already unforgettable day. 

Victoria and Brad’s outdoor summer wedding showed us that rain, far from being an obstacle, can bring an extra touch of enchantment to a celebration of love. So let this story be a reminder to all couples planning their own weddings: no matter what the weather may bring, love will always shine bright and make your special day truly extraordinary.


Whether you envision dancing beneath the golden rays or stealing a stolen kiss by the ocean breeze, let’s make your dream wedding photos a reality! Reach out about capturing your unique love story, and let’s craft a wedding album that will make your heart skip a beat every time you turn each page.


Venue: Twin Oaks House Weddings
Catering: Trademark Venues



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