Karla + Malachi | Rustic Engagement with Chic Style | Oceanside

Karla + Malachi

Rustic Engagement with Chic Style | Oceanside

I am excited to share Karla and Malachi’s stunning engagement portrait session at Camp Pendleton Marine Base. When Karla mentioned this rustic barn on base, it sounded like a fantastic session location! With Malachi being a Marine, they were able to sponsor me onto the base where we captured some incredible images. Let’s dive into the magic of their rustic engagement adventure!

A Rustic Engagement Wonderland

The base’s rustic barn oozes with old-world charm. Its weathered wood gives an authentic feel that takes you back in time. It was perfect for Karla and Malachi, who wanted a rustic engagement that showcased their love for the outdoors. The barn, with its weathered paint and vintage details, was the perfect backdrop for their romantic portraits.

Barn Charm Meets Modern Mystique

Karla is a blend of wild spirit and urban chic, a part-time model with an impeccable sense of style and a love for nature. With three sensational outfits, including a smart light blue blazer-and-shorts combo and a vibrant yellow sundress, Karla’s modern fashion sense perfectly juxtaposed the rustic beauty of the barn and its surrounding flora.

Karla and Malachi’s engagement adventure at Camp Pendleton was magical, to say the least. The barn and windmill provided the perfect canvas for their love to shine, while Karla’s fashion sense added a touch of modern allure to the rustic scenery. It’s a beautiful reminder that staying true to your unique selves and embracing your individuality can create a truly magical experience when planning your engagement session.

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