Rohan + Shravya | Surprise La Jolla Beach Proposal with a Rainbow Sherbet Sunset


Rohan + Shravya

Surprise La Jolla Beach Proposal with a Rainbow Sherbet Sunset

Love Blooms at the Beach

There’s something undeniably special about the beach. The way the waves ebb and flow, the sun-kissed sand, and the sense of wonder it brings are simply unmatched. Rohan understood this when he chose La Jolla Beach as the backdrop for his surprise marriage proposal to Shravya. His La Jolla beach proposal would set the stage for a moment they would cherish forever.

A Scene for the Ring

To create an atmosphere as extraordinary as their love, Rohan collaborated with Pretty Picnic Things. This local luxury picnic company weaved its magic, transforming the beach into a breathtaking setting for the proposal. With meticulous attention to detail, they crafted an intimate space where Rohan would present Shravya with an engagement ring.

Once everything was perfectly set, Rohan brought Shravya to the shore and into a scene decorated with roses, letters spelling “Marry Me,” and prints of photos of the two of them together. Against the backdrop of La Jolla Beach and the symphony of crashing waves, Rohan dropped to one knee and asked Shravya to spend forever with him. With their families and closest friends secretively observing nearby, joy reverberated through the air as she joyfully accepted.

Golden Hour Love

As if the proposal itself wasn’t magical enough, we seized the opportunity to capture the radiant glow of the newly engaged couple against the beauty of La Jolla Beach. With every click, we captured laughter, tender embraces, and stolen glances — all while the sun painted the sky with hues that perfectly mirrored their happiness.

A Proposal to Remember

Rohan’s surprise La Jolla beach proposal to Shravya was filled with love and breathtaking beauty. The sun-kissed sky, the shimmering sand, and the sound of crashing waves will forever be imprinted in their memories. Their engagement journey begins with this extraordinary proposal, and as they celebrate this milestone, they’ll have these images to remember this day forever.


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