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The Sebela Family | Memorable Park Family Photos in Old Town and Presidio Park | San Diego



The Sebelas

A Memorable Park Family Photoshoot in Old Town and Presidio Park | San Diego

In my past life as an Audio/Visual Technician, I managed all the sound and video needs for a charter school in east San Diego County and a well-regarded church near SDSU. Enter the Sebela family, who were members of the church and whose matriarch was a teacher for the charter school. When she learned I was also a photographer, we synced up to plan a family portrait session for her family of four. Their suggestion for a location was Old Town, with its irresistible weekend allure and quaint buildings. Mid-session, we decided to stroll over to the adjacent Presidio Park with its historical Serra Museum and lush greenery to capture some classic park family photos too! This session was a blast, brimming with laughter, pirate jokes, and spontaneous climbing between shots.


Embracing Old Town’s Charms

Our adventure began in San Diego’s Old Town, with its picturesque buildings steeped in history and character. This quaint backdrop infused their light-hearted moments and family affection with warmth. From holding each other upside down to taking a classic portrait on stairs, the fun of this session was just beginning!


The Architectural Beauty of Presidio Park

We took a leisurely walk across from Old Town to the historical Presidio Park, eager to capture more beautiful memories. The park is also home to the iconic Serra Museum, whose vintage architecture added a touch of elegance to their portraits. But we couldn’t be all seriousness and grandeur — dad and son were scaling the buildings and pillars between photos!

Presidio Park provided more than just nice architecture. We found a nice nature spot at the top of the hill where the sunlight gave such a great glow to the scene, enhancing the family’s natural beauty and bond with one another.

The Sebela family’s portrait session was an extraordinary journey that unfolded against the backdrop of San Diego’s remarkable charm. With Old Town’s vivacity and Presidio Park’s historical allure, their park family photos now embody cherished moments frozen in time. Laughter, love, and the Sebela family’s unique story have been immortalized, ready to be treasured for generations to come.

The Sebela family’s portrait session was an adventure in itself, capturing classic San Diego beauty. From the charm of Old Town to the history and nature of Presidio Park, their park family photos capture their love and fun-loving personalities. The laughter, joy, and connection they share are now preserved in photographs that will be cherished for years.


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