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I’m a Southern California native, and I basically grew up with a disposable camera in my hands. My mom even bought me my own kid camera with real film for when we went on vacations. I’ve always had an enthusiasm for exploring new angles and seeing scenes in ways other people might not. I’m just as creative as I am technical, and wedding photography allows me to express both of those passions in such a fun and fantastic way. But if you’d asked me 11 years ago where I’d be today, I don’t think I ever would have guessed, “Wedding Photographer.”

As I wrapped up my BFA in Film Production, I found myself becoming less and less enchanted with the Hollywood scene. Still feeling most at home with a camera in my hands, I felt a bit lost, wondering what I’d pursue next. Eventually, a friend invited me to shadow them as they captured a wedding day. I
fell in love with wedding photography and decided I had to make this my career. I quit my soul-sucking “day job” as an A/V Technician and dove head-first into wedding photography, taking a risk on myself and my art in a way I never had before. Since then, I haven’t looked back, and I bring that same passion to all the work I do.



Literally! (Well, not ”
,” because, ya know, foot cooties and stuff…)
I got engaged to my beautiful fiancée Leslie in December, and we jumped right into the planning process. So not only have I spent years on the vendor side of the wedding industry, but now I get to experience weddings from
current point of view! To summarize: I GET WHERE YOU’RE AT. Because I’m there too! I understand the pressure from family who all want a say in your wedding; I understand price point constraints; and I understand how all the details can feel a bit overwhelming at times. But most of all, I understand having a distinct vision of your wedding day, and I make it my mission to bring that vision to life.



My primary goal for my clients is simple: provide an absolutely incredible client experience from start to finish.
So what does that look like?

The whole thing starts with YOU! It’s your wedding day, and you should do it your way! It’s my mission to elevate that experience, not dump extra stress onto your plate during what should be the happiest day of your life. Therefore, I consider it essential to get to know you and hear about your vision for your day to ensure that your wedding images are authentic to you, your story, your energy, and your emotion.

From booking to album delivery, you’re working directly with me; no bait and switch. Why does that matter? Because unlike all of your other wedding vendors, your photographer is the one person that will literally be with you the entire wedding day. The person documenting this special time in your life should be the same person whose imagery, values, and personality you were drawn to in the first place, and who has discussed and understood your vision for your wedding.

I provide communication and guidance to my clients from beginning to end, providing you with a first-rate experience that transcends just taking pretty pictures. The day you book with me, I’m all in for making your wedding day the best it can be. I’ll give you tips and tricks for making your wedding day a smooth and enjoyable one, while still capturing all the important moments. On the day of your wedding, you can count on me to be unobtrusive in the intimate and real moments, yet present in guiding you while we create timeless portraits.



  • I could live exclusively on burritos and ravioli. (And in San Diego, good burritos are in abundance!)
  • My favorite way to unwind is playing guitar and singing (I have a minor in music!).
  • Guilty pleasure movies I watch at least once a year: Hook (RU-FI…OOOOOO!), Back to the Future, The Nightmare Before Christmas (because you can watch it on TWO holidays!), and The Muppet Christmas Carol (hands-down my favorite film interpretation of the Dickens classic).
  • I constantly quote from The Office, Friends, and Anchorman. Sorry, not sorry.