Do I Need a Second Photographer?

Do I Need a Second Photographer?

The perks to having a Second Photographer, and why your wedding may need one!

 I get asked all the time: Do we really need to have a second photographer at our wedding? I totally understand—finding, booking, and paying for one photographer is enough work. However, before you brush off the idea of multiple photographers, know that there are some very valid reasons for having more than one photographer to capture your day. According to surveys, many couples admit that one of their biggest wedding day regrets was not spending more on their wedding photography. In many cases, you’ll want a second shooter for a number of practical reasons…

Depending on how tight your timeline is and how large your guest list is, here are some jobs of the second shooter on your day:

  • Document the getting ready of one spouse while I’m documenting the prep of the other

  • Photographing the details at your ceremony site, including florals, arches, wedding favors, and special ceremony

  • Shooting the line-up before the ceremony, the back of the bride walking down the aisle, and capturing the “wide” shots from the back of the ceremony while I’m kneeling at the front of the ceremony capturing everyone walking down the aisle + facial expressions

  • You’ll want your walk down the aisle and your partner’s reaction to it, your vows and your parents’ reactions

  • An extra hand to go grab a forgotten bridesmaids bouquet, pin on a tricky boutonnière, or run and grab that stray family member that wandered off before formal pictures were done

  • They can head to cocktail hour/reception early while I finish up portraits. They’re able to capture all the details of the reception that you worked so hard on before guests sit down and mess up the table settings and set their coats/purses at the tables

  • Focus on the candid shots while I focus on the “bigger” moments!

  • Capturing guest interactions. This is where they can really make a big difference!


Of course, there are a few tweaks you can make to your day-of timeline so a second shooter is a little less necessary. For instance, coordinate your getting-ready times so one of you and your wedding party can primp first, followed by the other and their crew. That way, one photographer can capture both scenes. Just remember, stacking your getting ready sessions will add waiting time to your busy day, whether it’s on the front or back end.

If you’ve already booked a package without a second shooter, I am more than happy to add one on at any time, until 30 days out from the wedding. If you’ve already added one, get ready because they are going to add SO much value to your day!